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To ALL our Fans:   THANK YOU!!

We hope to find a path towards relocating and reopening in the near future.  STAY TUNED.   

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I want to clarify the misconception that our rent drastically increased, causing us to close. I posted this shortly after closing in our thread announcing our closing.

While our total rent due from our had small annual increases that had us just short of $24k/month, the landlord (Rappaport Co.) worked with us from the very beginning while we were unable to pay the full amount. We paid all that we could and they accepted the reduced rent while we continued to grow the business as we could hopefully get to full payments. It was only recently that the circumstances changed and they were unable to continue to accept the reduced rent payments.

We proposed reducing our rent per our lease to get to a number we could both accept and we proposed reducing the size of our space. They did not see these as a way they could proceed so they pursued their right to take the property back.

The fact is we should have never taken 12,000 feet and the landlord likely would not do a deal that size now either. Our issue was the size of our building, not the rental rate per foot in our lease.  Our lease rate per foot was a fair market rent!

Business is business and while the difficulty of losing our lease caused some emotional response, I have nothing but positive things to say about Rappaport and their team. We are heartbroken we could not find an agreement that worked for both of us.

I hope we can land on our feet and see everyone again somewhere in the future.



Our Team


Ferdinand McAdoo - Head Brewer

Ferdinand took the reigns of Head Brewer in November 2016.  

After achieving a degree in Managerial Finance from East Carolina State University and a stint in corporate finance with Booz Allen Hamilton, Ferdinand shed the corporate world for his passion in brewing.  Ferdinand began his brewing career by attending Brewlab at The University of Sunderland in the England.  After graduating from Brewlab, Ferdinand brewed at Capitol City Brewing Company in Arlington, Virginia for 2 years prior to joining the opening team at Ornery Beer Company in 2015.   As a brewer with Ornery Beer Company, Ferdinand was integral to the the brewing team that helped us win Silver Medals at the Virginia Craft Brewer's Competition for Light of Cologne Kolsch and GoGo Gose, and then the ultimate brewing award, a Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival for our Light of Cologne Kolsch.   

Executive Chef

Update coming soon!!


Randy Barnette

Randy has been a life long restaurant owner & operator as well as craft beer enthusiast.  First owning & operating a Domino’s Pizza franchise in Wayne, NJ from 1991-2000, Randy desired to move into full service casual dining. Having been a fan and customer of Hard Times Café since the early 80’s, Randy opened the Hard Times Café in Woodbridge, VA in 2001, bringing to Woodbridge one of the first extensive craft beer programs to the town.  Heck, no one knew what that “Arrogant Bastard Ale” was back prior to the craft beer explosion of the last few years!  Beginning in 2001 Randy also began traveling to Europe & around the U.S. to visit breweries to get to know and understand the craft & premium beer market. After opening the Hard Times Café in Manassas in 2008 with business partner Chris McNulty, Randy teamed up with Bill Madden and partner Rick Garvin to help found and open Mad Fox Brewing Company in Falls Church, VA in 2010. 

In 2014, realizing that Woodbridge really needed its own brewpub and that Northern Virginia needed a more casual style of brewpub, Randy developed Ornery Beer Company & Public House and set up to find the best team to bring you an outstanding guest experience.