Interested in joining the Ornery Ownership Team?!?

Thank you for your interest in Ornery Beer Company.

As you are aware, we successfully opened the Ornery Public House, our brewpub, in the City of Fairfax this past December, completing the first phase in our growth and relaunch plan.  As we prepared to begin construction of on phase two of our business plan, our offsite production brewery & taproom, a new opportunity presented itself. 

We are now in the process of purchasing the production brewery of Tin Cannon Brewing, a separate facility from their public taproom.  Purchasing this operating brewery eliminates the unseen delays and cost overruns of building our own facility.  Tin Cannon will continue to thrive in their Gainesville Taproom.  The brewery we are purchasing consists of a 20 barrel brewhouse, 40 barrel fermenters, and a canning line in place.  Following completion of the asset purchase, we will be adding a Taproom to the production facility to complete our relaunch business plan.  Our Taproom’s location, a mile from Jiffy Lube Live Pavilion, and situated between Murlarkey Distillery and 2 Silos Brewing, creates an opportunity for visits from a built in customer base, plus we believe the Ornery Taproom will create a brewery taproom and beer experience which are unmet in the market. 

We have begun brewing 40 barrel batches of our flagship Pacific Waves IPA and Light of Cologne Kolsch, and have engaged a graphic artist, with an intensive background in craft beer, to design our can labels.  We will quickly move to the planned multiple income sources of:  Fairfax Brewpub, Gainesville/Bristow Taproom, Wholesale Draft Sales, and now will add Wholesale Can Sales. 

The buildout and opening of our Fairfax Brewpub coupled with the purchase of our new production brewery and upcoming build out of the Ornery Taproom at the production brewery presents an opportunity for those who are interested in investing with Ornery Beer Company to join the ownership team:   We are reopening and extending the Capital Raise with the goal of raising up to $200,000 of additional capital. 

For this portion of the Capital Raise, we have set a valuation of the operating company at $2 million, with a minimum capital contribution of $20,000 = 1% Ownership from new members.  We have increased the valuation from our initial Private Placement Memorandum as the risks of investing prior to our opening, and without a second location, were much greater.  For investment levels at or above $50,000+ = 3.333%+, we are offering a discounted valuation of $1.5 Million, thereby providing the new member a larger equity share for their larger investment level. 

I also want to share the make-up of our Board of Directors, the team who oversees the company’s focus and assures the continued success and growth of our brand and your potential investment.  Teaming up with me on our Board of Directors are four business owners with solid and successful industry know-how, including an Investor in multiple breweries, a winery, and a distillery, as well as banking experience; an Owner of another local Northern Virginia brewery; an Owner of a successful casual dining restaurant with an award winning craft beer selection; and an IT Entrepreneur who has secured the IT contracts for the US House of Representatives and Senate. 

If you would like to know more about the investment opportunity with Ornery and receive the Private Placement Memorandum outlining our business plan, email me at

Additionally, we are planning an Interested Investor meeting at the Production Brewery in the coming weeks.If you have interest in joining the Ornery Team, I hope you will join us at that time.Details and timing to follow soon.